Evalscore®'s proposed Commercial Insurance Real Time Interactive Credential System

The Solution for Business Deficiencies

Evalscore® is designed to give people and businesses the information needed to make better business decisions through enhanced business intelligence. In today’s environment of deception, deceit and shady business practices, it’s nearly impossible for any person or business to obtain the truth through current conventional means. We’re here to change all of that.

Introducing a Revolutionary Credential System that will Change the Way Your Business Works

EvalScore® is a real-time interactive credential system incorporating patented processes that has been designed to revolutionize how insurance information is gathered, evaluated and disseminated to the insurance and financial industries. EvalScore® in accordance with the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) will serve as an innovative risk management solution that will improve the underwriting of commercial insurance policies and commercial credit provisions through enhanced patent protected processes while adhering to the emergence of the “Triple Bottom Line” aiding People, Planet and Profits. Utilizing cooperative disclosure, EvalScore® is a sophisticated system for the aggregation, scoring and monitoring of detailed insurance performance information as well other business related data — and all of this information is available to authorized users on demand and in real time with a simple mouse click or phone call. There is no system like it — and it will truly change the way all of us do business.