Evalscore®'s proposed Commercial Insurance Real Time Interactive Credential System

Insurance Sector

  • Provides real time access to five year* loss history - aggregated and assessed numerically for earned premium vs. incurred losses by previous insurers and reported and disclosed in patent protected C.L.A.I.M. Index* (Comprehensive Loss Aggregation of Insurance Measurement) *other options available
  • Evalscore® Oversight® provides interested parties instant electronic Evalscore® A.L.E.R.T.®'s (Aggregated Linear/ Loss Experience in Real Time) of critical changes in underwriting criteria.
  • Provides insurance payment performance indicators for additional loss predictability based on internal indicators such as notice of cancellations, non-renewals, outstanding audits, endorsements, etc. and reported in a patent protected IPI® Index (Insurance Payment Index®) and supported by actual industry experts.*
  • Provides in-depth claims disclosure.

Commercial Insurance Benefits

  • Provides a reduction in claim frequency and severity by enhanced risk management through behavior modification.
  • Increases operational efficiencies with real-time underwriting information provided by patent-protected C.L.A.I.M. Index® (Comprehensive Loss Aggregation of Insurance Measurement).
  • Standardized performance scoring will provide the foundation for automated policy issuance.
  • Consumer complaint provision encourages insured accountability reducing claim activity.
  • Evalscore® Oversight® Evalscore® A.L.E.R.T.®'s (Aggregated Linear/Loss Experience in Real Time) provide for claim prevention by allowing insurers to establish benchmark scores to intervene when insured performance deteriorates reducing scores indicating an elevated risk.
  • Provides for early notification of exposure variances.
  • Revitalizes the insurance industry by streamlining insurance underwriting through improved information processing, providing a path to underwriting automation.

Evalscore® Works in the Workers' Compensation Insurance Industry

What if we were able to measure the safety performance of employees through a granular objective performance measurement system?

Evalscore® Presents CompScore®

How Evalscore®’s patent-protected CompScore® works in the workers’ compensation insurance industry.

  • CompScore® rewards outstanding employee safety performance based upon an employer experience rating base, by employee premium determination and specific claim performance.
  • CompScore® provides an objective benchmark that will become a permanent safety score for individual employees that will transfer to each new employer, rather than losing seniority of excellent safety performance.
  • Reduces workers’ compensation insurance costs by improved employee safety performance driven by employee safety behavior modification.
  • Drives accountability through transparency. “People deliver what they are accountable for."
  • Enhances Risk Management efforts by including employees in a safety measurement system, rather than the “employer”-only experience modification system.
  • Provides an objective risk management tool for employers to identify poor performers and improve their performance through education.
  • Reduces loss time accidents by a patent protected objective performance management system for employees.
  • Enhances insurer loss control efforts by including specific employee behavior.
  • Provides insurers with an additional tool to monitor employer safety performance by a granular analysis of specific employee behavior.