Evalscore®'s proposed Commercial Insurance Real Time Interactive Credential System

Introducing a Revolutionary Credential System that will Change the Way Your Business Works

EvalScore® is a real-time interactive credential system incorporating patented processes that has been designed to revolutionize how insurance information is gathered, evaluated and disseminated to the insurance and financial industries. EvalScore® in accordance with the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) will serve as an innovative risk management solution that will improve the underwriting of commercial insurance... read more >

How can Evalscore® Help?

In essence, Evalscore® will encourage business accountability through insurance performance disclosure. So how will this help insurers, businesses or consumers? To answer that question, we first have to look at the state of business information today.

Benefits of Using Evalscore®

You already know that Evalscore® is a patent protected business method providing real-time information processing for business, insurance and financial data. But exactly how does Evalscore® work and what are the benefits? In order to answer these questions, we will outline how Evalscore® works in each of the aforementioned business sectors. It will then become much more clear how Evalscore® will benefit people and businesses.


How Does Evalscore® give consumers more legitimate information on businesses?

  • Provides real time insurance claim performance through a patent protected InsureScore® C.L.A.I.M. Index® and customer satisfaction information through the Evalscore® Satisfaction Index® (ESI®).
  • Allows authorized consumers to score business relationships based on their performance.
  • Improves overall business relationships by reducing the number of bad providers, protecting consumers while also making providers more responsive.

Insurance Sector

Today’s commercial insurance industry operates on a daily basis utilizing experience modification factors on customers that reflect dated processes. The fact is that current systems for recording and accessing loss history are insufficient. Furthermore, these methods impair the distribution process as insurance agents and brokers regularly need a ridiculous number of authorizations to be signed in order to even give a client a commercial insurance quote. It is not uncommon for some cases to require numerous individual authorizations for loss history disclosure only to be manually manipulated by several insurers. This is an incredible financial burden on the industry. With a standardized system of performance disclosure, insurance companies, agents and brokers could rate and issue policies instantly based on prior loss and insurance payment history — aggregated, scored and analyzed in real time.

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Finance Sector

How can Evalscore® help financial institutions keep track of high-risk debtors?

  • Provides real time insurance verification, as well as Insurance Index® claim performance scoring through a patent protected InsureScore® C.L.A.I.M. Index®
  • Evalscore® Oversight® provides automatic Evalscore® A.L.E.R.T.™'s for early notification of possible financial impairment of debtors reducing loan losses
  • Allows institutions to base lending rates on real-time, actual performance scores, as well as conventional credit scoring


  • Improves overall business relationships by reducing the number of bad providers and making providers more responsive.
  • Provides real-time performance data encouraging accountability – easily accessed by users.
  • Reduces litigation by providing consumer complaint provisions allowing for early intervention by insurer for dispute resolution.
  • Standardizes performance evaluation in a meaningful format that will become familiar to users.
  • Provides consequences for poor performers, such as:
    • Loss of customers due to poor rating
    • Risk of higher premiums, cancellation or non-renewal
  • Evalscore® Oversight® improves safety and loss control measures through electronic Evalscore® A.L.E.R.T.™'s reducing insurance costs. For example, Chevron USA can be alerted to poor sub-contractor performance prior to economic injury.

Insurance Sector

  • Provides real time access to five-year loss history - aggregated and assessed numerically for earned premium vs. incurred losses by previous insurers and reported and disclosed in patent protected C.L.A.I.M. Index* (Comprehensive Loss Aggregation of Insurance Measurement) *other options available
  • Evalscore® Oversight® provides interested parties instant electronic Evalscore® A.L.E.R.T.™'s (Aggregated Linear/ Loss Experience in Real Time) of critical changes in underwriting criteria.
  • Provides insurance payment performance indicators for additional loss predictability based on internal indicators such as notice of cancellations, non-renewals, outstanding audits, endorsements, etc. and reported in a patent protected IPI® Index (Insurance Payment Index®) and supported by actual industry experts.*
  • Provides in-depth claims disclosure.

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Finance Sector


  • Consumers authorize access to Evalscore® data by lender.
  • Consumer can use alerts for score monitoring.

Lending Institutions

  • Provides authorized users real-time insurance verification and claim performance scoring through a patent protected C.L.A.I.M. Index® within a proprietary patented system.
  • Allows institutions to base lending rates on scores that include numerical assessment of insurance performance in addition to conventional credit scoring.
  • Evalscore® Oversight® provides real time Evalscore® A.L.E.R.T.™ features with user-established scoring parameters that will provide early notification of future financial impairment, such as deteriorating risk management practices and increased claim frequency.

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